I agree on the fee with the author or publisher before starting the project, and I charge by the indexable proof page (i.e., not including blank pages, references, and so on), usually starting at $2.00 per page and going up to $5 per page or higher for more dense or complex books. (Please click here to earn more on the factors that determine fee)


I prefer to receive PDF proofs as they become available.  This enables me to better meet the deadlines. While I start compiling an index the first pass proofs, I prefer to wait until at least second pass. This allows the author, the designer, and the proofreader to identify any problems in the text before the index is fully compiled.


Each chapter is quickly read so that the general concepts are more easily identified.  The index is compiled and spellchecked. Each index is edited at least twice. If there has been copy reflow, the tracked proofs allow for easier correction.


I accept embedded indexing in various formats i.e., Indesign,  MS Office, Open Office, Corel  WordPerfect, Pagemaker formats.

You will make a payment of 10% of the fee of the price quote. My price quote will carry the terms of the contract and outlining the indexing fee and related matters. When you make a payment that will be construed as acceptance of the terms. After completion of indexing, the copyright to the index shall be provided to you upon full payment of the indexing fee.


Re-indexing will be charged extra-fee if it is a result of the book’s pagination changes.


The cancellation or rescheduling may be expected to result in a penalty of 25% of the originally agreed-upon total for the project.