My charges for indexing are based on a "per page" rate, ranging from as little as $2.00 to $5.00  per indexable page which reflects both the time required for indexing and difficulty of the text.


Any page of the book that carries potential information, including pictures, figures or graphs for the index is considered indexable  except Front and back matter.


Indexing for non-book digital platforms, such as websites or mobile apps, requires knowledge of information architecture, taxonomy, and web analytics, which are also skill sets available at Potomac Indexing. For more details on corralling your online content, check out our Content Strategy offerings.


To see a sampling of the different kinds of digital publications PI has indexed over the years, you can check out our portfolio page.


With embedded indexing, rates vary depending on complexity and density of material, the additional time and demands of embedding tools, plus time constraints. We’d be happy to talk about your specific needs. J



Indexing fees vary greatly depending on the book being indexed and the experience of the indexer. Also, some indexers charge by the hour or by the entry, while others charge by the number of proof pages that are indexed.


I agree on the fee with the author or publisher before starting the project, and I charge by the indexable proof page (i.e., not including blank pages, references, and so on), usually starting at $3.50 per page and going up to $5 per page or higher for more dense or complex books. Payment is due after the index is completed and approved.